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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the Catch?

  • We simply share in the savings. There is no catch.

Why is there a term associated with your service?

  • We are not a “hit and run” consultant.
  • After reducing your expenses we monitor and control costs.
  • This ensures we perform.  If your costs go up, our compensation goes down.

What is WSC able to do for me that I can't do myself?

  • Utilize industry expertise and national resources.
  • Leverage millions of dollars in waste buying power.
  • Spend 100% of our time on your waste and recycling cost center.

I've never heard of Waste Solutions. Are you reputable?

  • We don’t advertise as we are often mistaken for a hauling company.
  • WSC has hundreds of clients from small to fortune 500 across Canada.
  • Our testimonials and client list speak for who is putting their trust in WSC.

Are you just another broker or middleman?

  • NO, we don’t mark up services, we share in savings with transparency.
  • We assist in cost reduction while you maintain control.
  • We don’t disrupt vendor relations, we maintain them.

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