Reducing waste from your bottom line

Waste and Recycling Services

Integrated Waste Management Solutions

Whether simple, or complex, we can help to manage your waste and recycling programs to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

Cost Reduction Analysis and Strategies

Our consultants have completed thousands of site visits for companies throughout the country. We understand best practices for a cost effective waste program, what works, and what doesn’t.

Maximization of Commodity Revenues

Are you getting paid what you should be for your recyclables? We understand the commodity markets for these materials and monitor this consistently so that you are earning the revenue you should be.

Waste Reduction and Zero Waste Initiatives

Does your company want to increase landfill diversion, or even get to zero waste? Our experts know how to get you there and are ready to assist.


National Single Point of Contact Customer Service

Do you have multiple sites as well as multiple waste and recycling vendors? We can become your single point of contact; One phone number, one email, one text, let us help to streamline communication.


Consolidated Billing and Monthly Invoice Audits

Our analysts will review and scrutinize your vendor invoices with a fine tooth comb every single month. If there is an error or overcharge, we’ll get it fixed for you.

Procurement and Contract Management

Waste and recycling contracts are generally very one sided. We can show you how to structure your next “Request for Proposal” or Contract, for long term cost control and peace of mind.

Vendor Management and Negotiation

With the experience we have on our team, we know how to speak “the language” to waste and recycling companies to ensure you are getting the right service, at the best price.

Monthly Cost and Sustainability Reporting

Your company will receive a monthly report which outlines the cost savings of your new program. We can also provide a sustainability report to measure environmental stewardship and landfill diversion.

Saving Companies 30-50% on their waste expenses.

Over 90% of the clients that we complete an analysis for see a reduction of between 30-50% on their waste and recycling expenses.



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