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“Waste Solutions Canada successfully completed an analysis for our 40 stores throughout Ontario and Manitoba. After implementations, we are now saving thousands of dollars monthly and have streamlined our waste management programs across the province. The added value of customer service and monthly monitoring has not only saved our company money but valuable time and has allowed operations and communication to run more smoothly. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend their cost reduction analysis to other organizations.”

Brad Twiddy

Director of Distribution, TSC Stores LP

the challenge

With over 20 vendors across two provinces, TSC Stores faced the commonly-experienced challenge of coordinating their waste management efforts cost-effectively. Overseeing many sites meant liaising with many points of contact; a challenge that consumed significant administrative time.

Beyond the time consuming coordination of waste services, TSC Stores had no means to track their waste generation across sites, which ultimately led to overspending on waste services. Poor reporting and data management meant being stuck in the cycle of overspending. TSC Stores needed a solution that could both streamline and optimize the process.

our solution

Turning to Waste Solutions Canada, TSC Stores gained access to full vendor management. As a one stop shop, managing waste services across multiple sites was made simple with a single point of contact. In addition to vendor management and negotiation, monthly cost and site-by-site and regional reporting were implemented to reduce costs and ensure that costs stayed low.

solutions implemented

  • Vendor Management and Negotiation
  • Monthly Cost and Sustainability Reporting

the impact

With a single point of contact, Waste Solutions Canada effectively reduced manager and director time dealing with vendors. As direct liaisons, Waste Solutions Canada takes the pressure off of TSC Stores to monitor and negotiate their service.Not only was coordination simplified, Waste Solutions Canada reduced costs for TSC Stores by over 35%. A client for over 10 years, TSC Stores experiences consistent reductions to waste cost as a result of improved data management and reporting on cost and landfill diversion. 

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